Green Neighbours in Ward 19

Green 19 is a group of Ward 19 residents concerned about the impact humans are having on our climate and environment, and who want to engage and take action. 

Following the success of other Toronto ward-based groups like Green Neighbours 21 and Green 13, we'll work together to increase awareness about climate change and other environmental concerns, encourage public discourse on sustainability, advocate for policy and behavioural change, and build resilience in our community.

We are members of the Toronto Climate Action Network (TCAN). For a calendar of upcoming events check out the webpage.

Tell us what green issues you're interested in tackling in Ward 19 -- if you're thinking about a local issue, one of your neighbours probably is too! Send us an email at for more information or to help organize!

Our first event -- Let’s TransformTO - Brainstorming for a Sustainable City -- was held on June 6, 2016 at Harbord Collegiate with Councillor Mike Layton and TransformTO city staff. Learn more at the links below (left).